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Significantly improve your Lighthouse score and get 100% confidence in your project by tapping into the team that built Gatsby.

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Introducing Gatsby Concierge Services

Get more out of Gatsby, faster — by partnering with the people who built it.

Take away the learning curve when we train your team to make the most of Gatsby, inside and out. We teach you how to get your site performing at peak potential — and keep it there. Get dedicated ongoing support for delivering a reliably fantastic web experience for your users, no matter where your business leads.

Expert Consultation

Get immediate actionable guidance for improving your
site’s performance. All coaching, no upsells.

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Hands-on Training

Learn the fundamentals of Gatsby’s technology in a live session, including Q&A, hosted by our team.

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Audit & Optimization

We uncover anything slowing down your site — then coach your team through each step of resolving issues with high-impact fixes.

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Quarterly Reviews

Regular checkups ensure your site stays performant, and that you’re getting the greatest business value from Gatsby.

We needed our site to be blazing fast, scalable, have top notch SEO and allow content creators to easily publish new pages. Gatsby delivered all of this, with results: Six months after implementing Gatsby we have increased our organic blog traffic by 973%!

Profile of Cory Mortimer
Cory Mortimer
Software Engineer
Housecall Pro

Dedicated Support

Achieve your goals faster when we are with you
every step of the way.

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Account Management

Your personal Gatsby guide is dedicated to making sure you’re successful.

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Slack Channel

Keep your team on the same page. Get your questions answered quickly.

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Your Gatsby Cloud tickets will always go to the front of the line.

Traffic spiked immediately after our Super Bowl ad aired with a high number of simultaneous uses — and we just didn’t have to worry. Because we built with Gatsby, we knew we had the performance to handle the traffic without even thinking about it.

Profile of Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith
Application Architect
Little Caesars

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